Yang Ming >>PS8

  • 直靠光阳; 釜山到美西南航程是市场最快;THE联盟航线,全部由现代投船,船舶平均装载量10100EU。Direct service from Kwangyang to Long Beach; Fastest transit time from Busan to LB; THE alliance service, All HMM vessels, average capacity at 10100 TEU.

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  • 上海、韩国至美西南直航;韩国市场广泛覆盖(光阳/仁川);经釜山连通日本港口的快速支线连接。Direct service between Shanghai, Korea and PSW; Extensive port coverage of Kwangyang and Incheon for Korea market; Jointly with fast feeder connection for Japan side ports via Pusan.

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