Yang Ming >>EC2

  • 除了上海和釜山到纽约航程稍快以外,其他航程偏慢;走巴拿马运河。THE联盟航线,由现代/赫伯罗特/海洋网联/阳明共同投船,船舶平均装载量13300TEU。Except fast transit time from Shanghai and Busan to New York, others are slow . Via Panama Canal. THE alliance service, HMM/HPL/ONE/YML vessels, average capacity at 13300 TEU.

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  • 华北/华中至北美东岸主要港口直航;上海/釜山到纽约和诺福克的快线;目的港覆盖威明顿。North and Central China direct calling to US East Coast main ports; Express service from Shanghai, Pusan to New York and Norfolk; Extensive coverage of POD Wilmington port.

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