Yang Ming >>FE5

  • 市场唯一从泰国到北欧的航线;头顿/科伦坡到鹿特丹的航程为市场最快;THE联盟航线,由ONE/YML共同投船,船舶平均装载量14000TEU。Dedicated SouthEast Asia to North Europe service; The only service from Thailand to North Europe;Fastest transit time from Vung Tau/Colombo to Rotterdam; THE alliance service, average capacity at 14000 TEU.

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  • 东南亚至欧洲快线;直靠林查班/头顿(盖梅港);林查班到汉堡仅32天;头顿到鹿特丹仅26天;欧洲出发直靠吉达;直靠伦敦。South East Asia/Europe express service; Direct call to/from Laem Chabang & Vung Tau; Laem Chabang to Hamburg only in 32 days; Vung Tau to Rotterdam only in 26 days; Jeddah direct call service from Europe; London Gateway Port direct call service

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