Yang Ming >>EC4

  • 盐田/新加坡/头顿到纽约/诺福克很快,走苏伊士运河。THE联盟航线,由海洋网联/阳明/赫伯罗特共同投船,船舶平均装载量13900TEU。Fast transit time from Yantian/Singapore/Vung Tau to New York/Norfolk. Via Suez Canal. THE alliance service, ONE/YML/HPL vessels, average capacity at 13900 TEU.

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  • 台湾/南中国/越南到纽约和诺福克的快线;经新加坡广泛覆盖东南亚主要港口;大西洋主要港口与台湾、盐田间的直达快航。Express service from Taiwan, South China, Vietnam to New York and Norfolk; Extensive coverage of Southeast Asia main ports via Singapore; Fast and direct calling between key Atlantic ports and Taiwan, Yantian.

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