• 市场唯一从新加坡 /头顿到美湾的航线;宁波 /上海 /釜山到休斯顿/新奥尔良/迈阿密的航程很快;走巴拿马运河; 海洋联盟航线,全部由达飞投船,船舶平均装载量8700TEU。The only service from Singapore/Vung Tau to US Gulf; Fast transit time from Ningbo/Shanghai/Busan to Houston / New Orleans / Miami.Via Panama Canal. Ocean alliance service, All CMA vessels, average capacity at 8700 TEU.

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  • 新加坡直航;从华中到休斯顿的航程可以和MLB路线媲美,不用担心陆地物流因素,比铁路更好的堆存期;100%达飞航线,散货的理想选择;唯一的直达美国新奥尔良的航线。 Direct service from Singapore;Transit time to Houston comparable to Mini Land Bridge from Central China with no logistics disruptions;Better free time conditions in Houston versus rail option;100% stand-alone CMA CGM service, ideal for break-bulk projects;Only direct service to New Orléans, LA

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