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  • 市场上唯一从新加坡/泰国/越南到美西北的航线;盐田至塔科马航程偏快;THE联盟航线,由赫伯罗特/阳明/海洋网联投船,船舶平均装载量10200TEU。The only service from Singpore / Thailand / Vietnam to PNW; Fast transit time from Yantian to TACSEA. THE alliance service, HPL/YML/ONE vessels, average capacity at 10200 TEU.

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  • 东南亚和华南至美西北的直航航线;挂靠两个越南港口(头顿,海防);扩展西行航线覆盖范围(东京,神户)Direct service connecting South East Asia and South China to the Pacific Northwest; Provide two Vietnam calls (Ba Ria Vung Tau, Hai Phong); Expanded westbound coverage (Tokyo, Kobe).

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