• 东南亚热门港口到美西南的航线;海洋联盟航线,全部由达飞供船,船舶平均装载量13600TEU。From popular ports in Southeast Asia to LA/OAK; Ocean alliance service, All CMA vessels, average capacity at 13600 TEU.

    OOCL>>SEAP 容易船期 EZOcean 3 years ago...

  • 全面覆盖东南亚市场;通过新加坡和科伦坡为印度和中东提供优质服务Extensive Southeast Asia coverage; Superior product serving India Sub-continent and Middle East via Singapore and Colombo.

    OOCL>>SEAP 船公司网站 From Carrier Website 3 years ago...

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